Letter from Deb Bowman to Churches in BC Conference (June 25, 2001)

To all Clergy and Board Chairs of United Church Pastoral Charges,

In April I wrote to you regarding information you or members of your congregation may have received from Kevin Annett or people associated with him. Recently there have been posters placed on church buildings making serious allegations that are horrific and distressing in nature. A number of people have been named in these posters, including some of our church members and leadership. The posters have been attributed to “The Child Protection League, Vancouver, (1/5/01).” The accusations in the posters are similar to accusations that have been made by Mr. Annett in the past.

I have been in contact with the RCMP regarding these posters and they have advised that we take the following steps:

Please assign one person and one person only to be responsible for taking down the posters.
Remove them carefully, touching only the corners if possible.
After removing them, place them in an envelope. Seal the envelope. On the back of the envelope write the name of the person taking down the poster, the date and time when the poster was removed and the place where it was removed from.
Then please have it delivered to me or whoever is acting on my behalf as soon as possible.

We will send the envelope on to the RCMP member who is working on this file.
You will need to let the congregation know that you need only one person to take down the posters and who that person is. I realize that it will be impossible to stop people wanting to immediately take down such offensive material but it is important that we try to limit the number of people that touch the posters.

Please continue to let us know if you receive any more materials of this nature. As I said in my first letter I am confident of the integrity and the deeply faithful commitment of the individuals who have been named. I am continuing to work with the RCMP to ensure that Conference is doing all that is possible to be transparent and accountable regarding the allegations.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Yours in Christ

Rev. Debra Bowman
Executive Secretary – BC Conference