Office Administrator — Northwood United Church

Job Title:  Office Administrator 

Main Purpose of the Job: 

Northwood is a gift-centered church. We seek to help people identify and utilize their gifts through the various ministries of the church. With that in mind, the individual filling the role of Office Administrator will demonstrate sound administrative skills, balanced with compassion, understanding and patience.  The individual will feel a call to offer that support and expertise to the congregation, other staff and the community. As the Office Administrator is typically the first person an individual sees or speaks with on the church premises, it is critical that the Office Administrator presents themselves and the church in a friendly, pleasant and professional manner.  In welcoming the stranger, as well as members of the congregation, the Office Administrator will enable people to feel upheld and cared for, regardless of their circumstance, and will take the necessary time to help the individual to feel welcome and to sense that the church is a safe “oasis”. 

The Office Administrator is to work cooperatively with the Coordinating Minister and acts as the lead for all office and other related tasks. This includes assisting the minister with secretarial work, as well as when time allows assisting the congregation with clerical tasks. 

Producing the weekly Sunday bulletin and the overhead projection on power point for the Sunday service, as well as special services as required by the Worship Schedule developed by the Worship Team. 

Reports to: 

The Office Administrator reports to the Ministry and Personnel Committee and is accountable for all the office/administrative functions.  Day to day supervision will be provided by the Coordinating Minister.  Changes to the position description, or working conditions may be made after consultation with the Office Administrator, the Ministry Board and the M & P Committee. A performance review will be completed annually by the M & P Committee. 

Direct Reports: None 

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Answering telephone, forwarding calls to minister, and taking complete effective messages for the church staff and volunteers. 
  • Ensuring the church office is open to the public from 9am to noon, Tuesday to Friday. 
  • Preparing and processing of weekly and special service church bulletins, and weekly email message.. 
  • Preparing the weekly Overhead PowerPoint presentation and for special services. 
  • Utilizing the office computer system, printers, and photocopier.
  • Coordinating the purchase of church office supplies and janitorial supplies. 
  • Maintaining general office files; and bulletin boards in The Gathering Area. 
  • Maintaining Pastoral Charge Records: baptisms, weddings, funerals, membership lists, and the church database. 
  • Assessing needs of those who come to the church for help, and to recommend appropriate community resources as required. 
  • Coordination of facility bookings for both church functions as well as outside user groups (includes but not limited to taking the initial call, showing the space, running it by the coordinating minister and/or church management chair, setting up rental hosts, sending the contract, following up for payment) 
  • Maintaining the calendar of all bookings for meetings, weddings, funerals, and rentals. 
  • Preparing the Annual General Meeting and Special Congregational reports from Ministry/Committee submissions. 
  • Following up and arranging building maintenance jobs through cooperation with the Church Management Ministry. 
  • Acting as liaison and point of contact with custodial staff 
  • Keeping foyer, Fireside Room, and Kitchen ready for use. 
  • Preparing agenda for the weekly staff meeting through consultation with minister. 
  • Maintaining petty cash float through Finance Committee 
  • Performing other church related duties as time allows during the course of normal office hours, when assigned by the Coordinating Minister or M & P Committee. 
  • Acts as the Privacy Officer ensuring all information is prepared and maintained accurately and that the information and records are in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA). 


  • Current computer system software and systems proficiency (O365 tools, including Email,  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Calendar) 
  • Knowledge of how to operate the phone system and photocopier correctly. 
  • Records management skills, and ensuring confidentiality in appropriate areas. 
  • Good communications skills. Friendly, pleasant manner. Team player skills. 
  • Ability to establish and maintain boundaries. 
  • Accuracy in written and printed work. 
  • Excellent organization skills 
  • Able to work independently with limited supervision. 
  • Have a good understanding of the Policies of both The United Church of Canada and Northwood United Church Continuing education focused toward job priorities and to be negotiated with M & P Committee. 
  • Have a current Criminal Records Check or ability to successfully pass one. 

Working Conditions: 

Inviting yet safe and confidential work space. 

Desk, Chairs, Computer, Filing Cabinet(s), Photocopier, Printer, Bookcases/Shelves, Phone System
Computer software:  Microsoft Office, Power Church, SAGE accounting 

Hours of work: Tuesday to Friday, 8:30am to 2:00pm (5 hours per day plus 1/2 hour lunch break)
Some flexibility may be possible, subject to workload. 

Salary and benefits as per annual review by M & P Committee and approval of the annual budget by the congregation. The position will have a 3 month probationary period, during which the employee may be dismissed without cause or severance. Starting salary is $18.00 per hour. The United Church mandatory benefits package will start after the successful completion of the probationary period. 

Vacation: 8 vacation days in a twelve (12) month calendar period, accrued equally (approximately 3.33 hours) for every month where paid hours worked that month meet or exceed 60. Vacation may be taken in advance, but in the event employment does not continue to the end of the year, any unearned hours used in advance will be paid back. Vacation entitlement will be pro-rated for the first partial year of employment. Vacation should be used in the year in which it is earned, whenever possible. 

Sick Leave: accrued monthly at 2.5 hours per month (maximum of 30 hours per year) for every month where paid hours worked that month meet or exceed 60.Sick leave may be taken in advance, but in the event employment does not continue to the end of the year, any unearned hours used in advance will be paid back. Sick leave will be pro-rated for the first partial year of employment. Unused sick time will not be paid out or carried over to the next calendar year. 

Overtime: Hours worked beyond the designated 20 hours per week will be paid at straight time until 70 hours per 2 week pay period has been worked. Hours worked in excess of 8 hours per day or 70 hours per 2 week period will be paid per the BC Employment Standards Act. All hours worked beyond the designated hours per week need to be authorized by M & P Committee in advance. (or Coordinating Minister delegate with short term notice).  

Continuing Education: Time off and pay for one course per year to be negotiated through the M & P Committee. 

Mileage: $0.60/km when travel by personal vehicle on church business. 

Physical Requirements 

  • Strength Guidelines
    Occasional lifting of up to 20 pounds of paper, or boxes of food supplies for the food cupboard. 
  • Motion Parameters
    Majority of day will require sitting at a desk, using computer keyboard and answering phone calls. 
  • Vision and Hearing Requirements
    Must be capable of reading a computer screen, and hearing telephone conversations. 
  • Psychological Demands
    Must be able to deal with members of the public, including those who are seeking help and/or food.
Full job postings can be found here.

Interested folks should apply to with a current resume attached. Questions can be addressed to Ian McLeod at or 778-991-1747.

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