2020 General Meeting

Registration remains open. 

Click to register for the General Meeting 


The dates of the General Meeting are Friday October 16 and Saturday 17, 2020.

The pre-meeting Financial Townhall was October 8, 2020.


Worship with the General Meeting

All are warmly welcome to attend the Opening Worship & Celebration of Ministry and the GM’s Optional Sunday Worship. Both will be on the PMRC YouTube General Meeting Playlist (click).

Friday October 16, 2020
General Meeting Opening Worship & Celebration of Ministry, Live Stream, 1pm: click here.

Optional Sunday Worship, at any time you like on Sunday.
The link to the pre-recorded worship is here (click), but not active until the morning of the 18th.


Download the Retirees Booklet here (click)


The online meeting platform is Whova; scroll down to learn more.






The General Meeting 2020 is being held on the platform Whova. Whova is a virtual container that holds a number of features, all in one place. The features that the meeting will be using in Whova are: 

  • Agenda for the flow of the meeting
  • Zoom for the live meeting sessions
  • Polling and Voting 
  • Videos for pre-recorded tutorials and worship
  • Attendee profiles so you can see everyone who is part of the meeting
  • Chats for group and private messaging
  • Community Board for announcements and invitations
  • Exhibitor Hall for ministries and initiatives and organizations to showcase their work

Many GM attendees will need to learn a little bit about Whova before the meeting starts. This is okay. The planning team holds this truth and is supporting everyone’s basic quick pick-up of Whova, with videos and training sessions with Allan Buckingham, the GM’s technology contractor. The link to the video tutorials are below. Whova can be used on a desktop computer or on a smart phone or device. The planning team recommends joining the General Meeting through the desktop computer web URL (this link works, once you’re logged into Whova). A desktop computer or laptop gives you have a bit more screen space for moving around the different features. The app is free and handy for people who like the ability to move around while attending the meeting.

Once registered for the meeting, all attendees will receive separate messages from the GM team via Whova (so check junk and spam) with the log in details to access the General Meeting space. Attendees will also get email notifications of the training sessions and videos being offered.  The planning team hopes attendees will take advantage of the videos and trainings offered.


Whova Tutorials created specifically for PMRC General Meeting attendees

The PMRC’s technology consultant, Allan Buckingham, has prepared a series of tutorial videos to support attendees in making the most of their online meeting experience. These tutorials are on the PMRC YouTube Channel here (click). There are tutorials for using the Whova app on a device, and for using the Whova web link for desktop and laptop computer users.