New ProVision Grant now live!

ProVision grants are a legacy from congregational properties and camps sold throughout the former BC Conference, now Pacific Mountain Region. Since they began in 2011, the BC Conference ProVision Funds have made 317 grants to new mission work, totaling $4.2 million!

Now, the Pacific Mountain Region ProVision Fund will carry on this legacy. And with the change ProVision has moved into a fully on-line application process.

The ProVision Funds provide grants to empower those who intend to do one or more of the following:

  • Foster or create new ministries. In particular, but not exclusively, those which address one of more of these United Church priorities : Reconciliation, Intercultural, Children’s, Youth and Intergenerational programs and ministries;
  • Provide programs which reach out from the church to address needs in the community;
  • Research or strategic planning for the development of new ministry;
  • Launch new ministries or projects ‘on the edge’ of the church’s experience or which are intended to address transformative change in the life of a Community of Faith; and
  • Develop community-based ministries, possibly partnering with other agencies.

The change from the BC Conference ProVision Fund to the Pacific Mountain Region ProVision Fund comes with some notable changes:

  • Applications are now fully electronic – you must now write, edit, and submit your application (with supporting documents) online.
  • Communities of Faith, Ministries, Clusters and Networks of the United Church of Canada throughout the Pacific Mountain Region are eligible to apply.
  • Applications that have not been completed and submitted within 90 days of registering will be automatically deleted.

In order to access or view an Application form you will need to register with your name and e-mail address. If you are working on the Application as part of a team it is important that only one person from your team register for the application. A link will be sent to the e-mail address provided. This unique link can be shared with team members. Please note that everyone that you share your unique link with is granted the ability to see, enter, delete, save, edit, and upload information and ultimately, submit the application. Therefore, you may want to discuss roles and responsibilities before sharing your link with your team. If your Community of Faith / Ministry / Cluster / Network is applying for multiple projects – you will need to register separately for each project to obtain a unique link for each. 

The deadlines to submit applications are February 15, May 15, and October 15. The next submission deadline for ProVision Applications is February 15th, 2019. You can apply for a ProVision Grant here.