New Health Orders ~ Readying for Safe Seasonal Celebrations


Today you may have heard that the Public Health Office have released new health orders in anticipation of seasonal celebrations, and an anticipated greater risk of virus spread.  There were consultations with faith leaders and the response was to provide two options for communities of faith to manage potential transmission risks in the Community of Faith

The measures announced today:

  • A requirement that worship services must be 1) limited to 50% of seated capacity, unless 2) all the participants are vaccinated, in which case the capacity could increase to 100%. The BC Vaccine Card is an option available for this purpose. You can download the vaccine card reader to support the process of verifying vaccine passports.
  • A requirement that participants attending worship services, including choirs, must wear a face covering during worship services, including as participants come in to the place of worship and when they leave, until outside.  Readers and celebrants will be allowed to speak without a mask, subject to distancing requirements or barrier to prevent transmission.

Additionally, in-person worship is not allowed in the Northern Health region.

Corrected December 1, 2021: Fraser East Health region ARE permitted in-person worship (which includes Abbotsford, Agassiz, Chilliwack, Hope, Mission).

For communities of faith considering the option of vaccine passports, the Region has obtained a legal opinion to support your decision which can be accessed here.

Presently, Pacific Mountain and Chinook Winds Regional staff are gathered for our annual staff retreat.  I invite you to pray for us as we come together as a staff team to support the work of Leaders and Communities of Faith across the Region.


Treena Duncan

Executive Minister

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