Research Services

Research Services

Visiting the Archives

All researchers are welcome to visit the Archives; just be sure to make an appointment first.  Our holdings are generally openly accessible, subject only to the limits of the provincial Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and a few less common restrictions (e.g. solicitor-client privileged documents).

Baptism and marriage records

Vital event registers are typically restricted from public access under PIPA .  Please contact the archivist by email or phone for assistance with your search.  We produce baptism and marriage certificates for a fee of $25, within the PIPA provisions.

Research assistance

The archivist provides free research services for United Church members and employees carrying out official church business.  We also provide a modest amount of research (up to 20 minutes) for inquiries from the general public.


Research Service Fees

There is no charge to members of The United Church of Canada when carrying out official church business. For research relating to Residential Schools, the Archives does not charge fees to survivors, families of survivors, or authorized representatives collecting information on behalf of Indigenous communities.

The following fees will apply for services rendered by The Archives. Prepayment may be required. Fees are payable in cash or by cheque.

Service Size Charge
Certified copies N/A $25 each
Photocopies 8.5” x 11” $0.25 per page
8.5” x 14” $0.40 per page
11” x 17” $0.50 per page
Microfilm printouts 8.5” x 11” $0.40 per page
Digital scans 8.5” x 14” (i.e. size of original) $10 per scan
CDs N/A $2.50 each
Photographic Reprints & Architectural Drawings Various Patron pays cost of commercial printing plus $15.00 fee
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