Policy & Information for Ministry Personnel

The Ministry Personnel Support Team (MPST) is part of the Pastoral Relations Council. It’s the cascading (sub-) committee that provides support and information to ministry personnel in the Pacific Mountain Regional Council. (Note: There is another cascading committee that provides support and information to Lay Leadership in the PMRC, called the Lay Leadership Support Committee.)


MPSC Purpose

The Ministry Personnel Support Team oversees and coordinate the Region’s responsibility to encourage and support Ministry Personnel toward health, joy and excellence in ministry practice in regard to the following:

  • caring pastorally for ministry personnel and families experiencing loss and hardship in partnership with Regional Ministers;
  • initiating programming that enhances health, joy, and excellence in the practice of ministry in partnership with LeaderShift;
  • caring pastorally for retired members [I. 3.2];
  • celebrating the retirements of ministry personnel [C.2.10]; and
  • welcoming and orienting new ministry personnel to Pacific Mountain Region.


MPSC Members

Please contact PMRC Reception for the email addresses of MPST members, or consult the regional council directory.


Ministry Personnel Includes:

  • (list of roles)


Resources and Forms for Ministry Personnel







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