Vulnerable Sector Checks

The Human Resources Unit has received the following information regarding the Vulnerable Sector Checks done by third party companies including BackCheck.

The Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) has changed its policy regarding the vulnerable Sector Check. "CPIC Agencies that are in partnership with Third Party Companies for the purposes of conducting name-based criminal record verifications are not permitted to perform criminal record name checks for "Vulnerable Sector" and "Young Person" purposes on behalf of the Third Party Company."

This Policy Change has been communicated to all police services across Canada; the changes are to be implemented immediately. This will affect all our ministry personnel and volunteers.

Based on a bulletin from CPIC, BackCheck will ONLY be able to supply you with a very basic "Criminal Record Check" result which will state, "Based on the information received, there is no criminal record identified. Information can only be confirmed by fingerprint comparison." When a possible record response is received: "There may or may not be a criminal record in existence. Information can only be confirmed by fingerprint comparison."

 Effective immediately: BackCheck will no longer:

  • Supply Details of Criminal Convictions. Police Services must be contacted to supply such details. Police Services will not release a detail of a record to anyone without fingerprint comparison.
  • Provide Vulnerable Sector Checks (Searches for Pardoned Sexual Offences). Vulnerable Sector Checks can only be done if the person physically appears.
  • Process checks for anyone under age 18.

Vulnerable Sector Check

The Manual 2016 requires that all ministry personnel obtain a Vulnerable Sector Check (Level 2). With the CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) policy change, only a police service is allowed to query for pardoned sexual offences when that individual appears at the counter.

All ministry personnel and volunteers in our Presbyteries, Conferences, and Pastoral Charges are to process the Vulnerable Sector Check through Police Detachments.

Please click on this link to get the information regarding the new policy and check the article titled "Dissemination of Criminal Record Information".