Pensions and Group Insurance Plan

The United Church Benefits Centre

The United Church Benefits Centre is being administered by McAteer Group. Anyone employed by the United Church and working more than 14 hours per week needs to be enrolled in this plan. For any questions please call The United Church Benefits Centre directly at 1-855-647-8222 or visit the member website. Information is also available on the United Church of Canada’s website for working benefits and pension benefits.

To Change Your Address

  • Active members: Please inform your Treasurer or payroll administrator. Treasurers will update address via ADP, or directly with the Benefits Centre.
  • Pensioners: Please call the Benefits Centre directly at 1-855-647-8222.
  • Regional Council or General Council Office Staff: contact Employee Relations at GCO (1-800-268-3781) to have your address updated.

Health/Medical and Dental Insurance

Note: Active Member and Pensioner Member Coverages are different. To confirm coverage for treatments or durable equipment including any limits or qualifications around coverage (for example: a doctor’s note to verify required treatments) please call Green Shield Canada at 1-888-711-1119, especially with regard to (1) the predetermination of benefits (for treatments or durable medical equipment over $300); (2) confirmation of coverage for overseas travel (especially to jurisdictions with inconsistent access to adequate medical care; and (3) any questions with regard to billing or reimbursement of claims, including status of claims.

Employee Assistance Program

For Active members of the benefits plans, confidential short-term counselling for any concern is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1-800-387-4765 or by visiting

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