May 14th – Interfaith Call to Action: End Immigration Detention in BC Jails!

In the lead up to the May 18th vote regarding the BC government’s immigration detention contract with the federal government, community groups across BC are holding 14 days of action urging provincial leaders to cancel their contracts with the Canadian Border Services Agency. More details on these 14 days can be found here. May 14th is a day specifically held for faith groups to lend their voices to the campaign.

From the Citizens for Public Justice website, “We come together as representatives of Baha’í, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faith traditions out of a shared concern for the dignity and humanity of refugee claimants and other newcomers to Canada. Our diverse faiths urge us to uphold the human rights of those seeking safety or a better life, and to denounce instances of injustice and mistreatment against them.”

Join in the interfaith calls for human rights, and use social media to do so, with the following sample tweets, or with your own voice. More information regarding this call to action can be found here.

Sample Tweets:

“As people of faith, we denounce and demand an immediate stop to these human rights violations in immigration detentions.” Join religious communities across #Canada in emailing the #BritishColumbia government to end their detention contracts with #CBSA 📢:

Come together with members of the Baha’í, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh communities to sign a letter asking for provincial governments of #WelcomeToCanada to end their immigration detention contracts with #CBSA. LINK #bcpoli

Immigration detainees “are handcuffed, shackled, searched, and restricted to small spaces.” Join religious communities across Canada in calling for an end to immigrant detention in Canada. #WelcomeToCanada #bcpoli

“The mistreatment of people seeking safety or a better life transgresses human dignity and is in stark contrast to the rich diversity and the values of equality and justice” Canada prides itself on. @publicjustice #WelcometoCanada

“Over the past decade, more than 60,000 people have been incarcerated in immigration detention, including in some of the most restrictive conditions of confinement and without a set release date.” #bcpoli

“Immigration detention also has long-term consequences that ripple beyond immigration detainees and affect their children, other loved ones, and their communities” #WelcomeToCanada #bcpoli @publicjustice

“We unite in condemning the systemic human rights violations against individuals in immigration detention, and call on the Federal Government to abolish immigration detentions.” #WelcomeToCanada #bcpoli@publicjustice

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