Featuring Communities of Faith & Ministries

This page on our website aims empower people to get to know our communities of faith and ministries around the regional council! Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be adding a posts about individual communities of faith or ministries around the PMRC.  We hope that it will foster a spirit of being neighbours in Christ, near and far.

We hope to make it fun for church leaders to offer their information, and for us to read what has been shared! The following invitation are going out to ministry leaders. If you’re a church member and want to help, please connect with your minister to do it as a team.

Copy the text below and send it into an email, with your photos, to Tressa at tbrotsky@united-church.ca (don’t worry about wonky email formatting that might happen when you copy & paste).

Featuring Your Community of Faith

The Specifics

  1. Community of Faith’s or Ministry’s name:
  2. Website address, if you have one:
  3. Minister(s) Name(s):

A Few Pics to Enliven Your Post

Grab your phone or iPad and take a few quick pictures – don’t worry about how ‘good’ they are. Just aim for them being in focus, and you having fun taking them

  • Photo(s) of the Minister(S) – selfies are great! (note: they will be shared online and in newsletters)
  • Photo of your church – get a fresh one! Take a quick photo of this important landmark, just like you do when you see cool things while on holiday.
  • And if you’re really inspired, also go for a photo of your church door standing open, your Christ candle lit, or something special in your sanctuary or church building

Complete The Sentence

  1. In our town/ neighbourhood, our church is known for…
  2. Our Mission & Vision statement is ….
  3. Another community of faith or ministry that who we connect with (informally or formally) sharing time and resources, events, and spiritual care is…
  4. Some things that we really like and cherish about ourselves as a community of faith are…
  5. Some challenges our community of faith faces, and we welcome prayers of support for are….

and Bonus Sentences

  1. The hymns or songs that our community of faith tends to return to again and again are…
  2. The (usual) benediction that sends us out at the close of Sunday worship is…
  3. One of the natural features (mountain, hill, body of water, etc) in God’s creation that’s near to where we gather is…

One more thing: If you happen to have a logo for your community of faith or ministry, would you please sent it in as well? Thanks!

And if any questions, please be in touch!

PMRC Communications

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