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Jane Harding, the Regional Council’s Givings Officer, has updated and information to support communities of faith with government subsidies, stewardship and mission:

Re Government Subsidies

Dear Colleagues

The landscape keeps shifting. Announcements yesterday expand several programs our congregations have been applying for. In some cases, congregations will now be eligible when they weren’t before. The announcement of course still needs details and Parliamentary approval. Here is the link:
There will national Wednesday night webinars on Oct 28, Nov 25 and Dec 2 focusing on financial matters including subsidy program updates but also assessment payments and Mission and Service transfers.
A couple of headline points on the announcement:
All programs require online application. We still offer a help desk function for folks who have not yet registered for CRA online access or are struggling with same. Email: 
CEWS (wage subsidy) program extended to June 2021 and maximum subsidy amounts increased for the fall months this year. Since any revenue shortfall generates a subsidy, it is likely that most congregations will be eligible for some amount at some point – should they choose to apply. All should do the eligibility analysis.
New rental subsidy program CERS where tenants can apply directly instead of going through a landlord. This will help congregations that rent space rather than own; it is unclear whether this replaces or supplements the CECRA paperwork for those who have been accessing that program on behalf of church tenants.
The CEBA loan program has been increased from $40,000 to $60,000 with a further forgivable portion and extended application date of Dec 31. NOTE:  the eligibility rules are unchanged so charities are not eligible unless they report income on specific lines of their annual T3010 filing.  his gives more time for some congregations to apply and should be a simple extension for those who have been successful already.
More formal communication, web updates etc when we have program details.
Happy Thanksgiving, 
Erik Mathiesen
CFO The United Church of Canada



Covid-19 has changed everything. Including how we tell the amazing stories of the life-changing difference Mission & Service makes. Your Mission & Service gifts have never been more critical as the pandemic makes Canadians and people around the world even more vulnerable. We are working hard to gather and tell stories of the impact of Mission & Service differently so that we can share the good news of what your support is doing on the ground right now.
In 2021, we will be sharing as many Mission & Service stories as ever but they will be delivered differently. More personal, more timely and more grounded in spiritual practice than ever, we hope they inspire you to share the good news of the many ways that we help transform & save lives, inspire meaning & purpose and build a better world together.
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