General Meeting 2019: May 30-June 2 in Langley BC

For Such a Time as This Inaugural General Meeting of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council runs from 7pm Thursday May 30th – 12noon (ish) Sunday June 2nd, 2019 at the Langley Events Centre, in Langley BC. We are gathering with acknowledgement and respect, as guests on the traditional territory of the Kwantlen First Nation.

From Whitehorse in the North, to the coastal islands on the West, to the mountain town of Banff in the East, and across the hills and valleys, watersheds and plains of our Region, United Church people of all ages will gather the 2019 General Meeting of the Pacific Mountain Region. We’ll gather as delegates and leaders, as volunteers, visitors and observers, as participants and leaders of the Children’s Program and the Youth Program, and more. We’ll pray, play and explore what God is up to. We’re excited to get into the questions of where the Spirit is at work, and how we will participate in that work. The sacred story Esther will support us “for such a time as this”. Yes, there will be technical work to do but it won’t be just business as usual.



Members from each Congregation and Community of Faith, Members of the Order of Ministry and Other Ministry Personnel are invited to this gathering. Communities of Faith are asked to elect representatives to attend the meeting.

Members of the Regional Council (entitled to vote):

  • All members of the Order of Ministry;
  • Lay representatives from each Congregation and Community of Faith:
    1. Communities of Faith with a membership of 100 or fewer elect 1 representative;
    2. Communities of Faith with 101-200 members elect 2 representatives;
    3. Communities of Faith with 201-300 members elect 3 representatives.

The representatives that Communities of Faith are asked to send to the meeting are those who are prayerful, discerning, committed to and engaged in the life and work of the Church. A wide variety of peoples, voices, life experiences and cultures contributes immeasurably to our discernment together. Please keep that in mind in your election proceedings.

Visitors to the Regional Council General Meeting (not entitled to vote):

  • Visitors are welcome to attend to observe
  • Space is limited
  • Meals are not provided

Scrutineers (volunteer role, not entitled to vote):

  • If you are attending either as a Community of Faith representative or as an interested third party, and not as a voting Delegate, we welcome your participation as a Scrutineer. Young adults are encouraged in this work as all adults of all ages. Contact Ross Dunning for more information. Summary of Scrutineers duties 19-03

Children and Youth at the General Meeting

The age-specific Children and Youth Program at the General Meeting provide the opportunity for up fifty-five children and youth, ages 8 – 18,  from across our Pacific Mountain Region to gather, build a welcoming and inclusive community, practice being followers of Jesus, and learn about the governance of our United Church. We are so excited to continue the powerful tradition of making space for the youngest generations in our church. Click here for information on encouraging people 8-18 to attend the General Meeting. Congregations, Communities of Faith, and Leaders are warmly invited to distribute this information to the children and youth in your setting, and encourage them to join you in the General Meeting experience.

Travel and Accommodation

  • The Regional Council covers the travel costs, and provides on-site meals, for members.
  • Congregations and communities of faith are reminded that they are responsible to assist their ministry personnel and representatives with other costs, including the cost of accommodation.
  • Billets are not provided at this meeting.

Please note: Pacific Mountain Region is not responsible for ensuring accommodation, or for the veracity of items posted on the Accommodation Board. You are responsible for your own arrangements.

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