First Wave of General Meeting 2019 News: Nominations for Regional Executive, Electing Delegates, Inviting Children & Youth, and More

For Such a Time as This

The sacred story of Esther will ground the work and spirit of our first general meeting and full-community gathering as the Pacific Mountain Region. Worship times will be intergenerational and intercultural, as we discern how to be the church together, “For Such a Time as This”. Worship will lead us into the work and play of the General Meeting. We’ll ponder the time that we find ourselves in: in the world, our country and our neighbourhoods; in the story of God and God’s people in scripture and theology; and in then organizing ourselves in response to that time and the good news of God. There will be singing, prayer, silence, and reflection through which we will discern, dream and form this new body called the Pacific Mountain Region.

The details on how to elect delegates, register for the General Meeting, bring children and youth, and manage your own accommodations are here the General Meeting 2019 page of the Pacific Mountain Region.


Nominations for PMR Executive

Are you (or do you know) a person in the Pacific Mountain Region who feels well connected to the people of the Region,and are able to listen well? Can you (or they) help articulate the perspectives of the Region and consider its well-being? Do you (or they) hold “the big picture” front and centre in decision making, and bring skills in church and community governance? Can you (or they) discern well with others? Yes? Then you’re the person (or they are!) that we are looking for! The Pacific Mountain Region of The United Church of Canada is seeking nominations for its Executive which will take office at the rise of the 2019 General Meeting. This Executive will carry out the Region’s work beyond the meeting. Click here, read more, and nominate yourself or someone else!


Children and Youth at the General Meeting

Two age-specific PMR programs empower Children and Youth from our settings to attend the General Meeting. The Children’s and Youth Programs provide the opportunity for up fifty-five children and youth, ages 8 – 18,  from across our Pacific Mountain Region to gather, build a welcoming and inclusive community, practice being followers of Jesus, and learn about the governance of our United Church. We are so excited to continue the powerful tradition of making space for the youngest generations in our church. Congregations, Communities of Faith, and Leaders are warmly invited to distribute this information to the 8-18 year olds in your setting, and encourage them to join you in the General Meeting experience. Click here for the posters: Children @ GM 2019 Information | Youth @ GM 2019 Information


People Power

Call for Scrutineers

As with every General Meeting, we prepare for the work of the court by having a team of Scrutineers established and trained. There are a few times when votes may need to be carefully counted or collected when voting on the President-Elect and new members to the Region Executive, as well as any ballot votes on other regular business items. If you are attending either as a Community of Faith representative or as an interested third party, and not as a voting Delegate, we welcome your participation as a Scrutineer. Young adults are encouraged in this work as all adults of all ages.

Dinner on Thursday, May 30th is provided for Scrutineers at 5:00 pm, with training scheduled for 5:30 pm in the plenary hall. With the changes in the body of the church, Scrutineers main focus will be on the compilation of voting that is done. We also anticipate distributing printed material to tables, assisting in keeping everyone informed during the General Meeting. Much of the information will be made available online, enabling the meeting to be as paper-free as possible, but a working knowledge of how Pacific Mountain Region will handle printed information distribution, and how to help with delegates with their various electronic devices is important. This will be included in our training time as well. Click here for the Summary of Scrutineers duties 19-03

Please contact Ross Dunning, Scrutineer Coordinator to sign up, or for more information. |Home: 604.467.9379 | Cell: 604.313.5722

General Meeting 2019 Planning Team

Gratitude for, with prayers and grounding energy to, the group of people faithfully working on this inaugural gathering of our Pacific Mountain Region, General Meeting 2019, and for all those who love and support them: Mauricio Araujo, Kathleen Barber, Debra Bowman (Chair), Graham Brownmiller, Allan Buckingham (Environment), Doug Goodwin (Executive Minister), Robin Murray (Youth and Young Adult Staff), Mary Nichol (Children), Jay Olson (President), Sarah Prestwich (Youth and Young Adult Staff), Michelle Slater (Theme & Worship)

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