GM2022 Nominations: Executive Council Seeks 1 Member

Please share this information to your networks, and encouraging discernment and leadership in the regional council.

When PMRC was established in 2019, an Executive was elected at our 1st General Meeting with the expectation that those folks would serve for three years and then establish a plan to create a cascade for the ending of positions. Between meetings of the Region the Nominations Committee appoints members of the Executive for ratification at the next meeting. Now that this is the 3rd year, and having established succession planning, we are seeking one member of the Executive. In subsequent years, there will be an expressions sought each year.

There is 1 vacancy on the Pacific Mountain Executive Council.

We encourage all people to apply, including those who are Indigenous, Black, a person of colour, non-binary/gender non-conforming or racialized.


PMRC Staff


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