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Dear Friend

And just like that, Moon’s cycle and the Gregorian calendar tell us it is Summer! Yet in the spaces between vaccinations secured and restrictions easing, the school year ending and holiday plans hatching, ordinations celebrated and retirements marked, this Season is another one that’s as unfamiliar as the last (and the one before that, and yeah, the one before that!). We have more new language: ‘re-entry’, ‘step 2’, ‘hybrid’; we are hearing older language in fresh ways: ‘truth’, ‘reconciliation’, ‘affirming’, ‘belonging’ …. we’re discovering again where we stand and how we stand. It brings to mind all the parables of soil and seeds, and with that the potential for self-criticism, for not being the kind of dirt that life springs so easily from. In Godly Play the weeks between Pentecost and Advent are called great, green, growing Sundays; and maybe that’s all we can know right now, week to week: tend the taproot, grow in community, and trust in the greatness of God’s enduring love.

Here are a few things we’d like you to know about life and ministry of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council. As always, thanks for taking these few minutes to catch up on important news and invitations.

In this 22 June 2021 News of Note:

  1. Call out to Affirming Communities of Faith – we want to add you to the website
  2. Learning with First: Indigenous Theology
  3. More Than Just The “H” Word – What’s Next? with LeaderShift
  4. Townhall Memory Lane
  5. #HateHasNoHomeHere Printables

Tressa Brotsky
PMRC Communications

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