Day 2 of the General Meeting. You are invited to wear orange, and hold the meeting in prayer.

Dear Friends

Today, Sat June 12, the annual gathering of the PMRC General Meeting continues. Before the court are important Proposals brought forward from United Church people for United Church people to decide action on: naming and calls for dignity, autonomy, healing, belonging and truth telling for all God’s people.

GM participants are encouraged to wear orange. If not attending, you are invited to hold the gathering in prayer, wearing orange too. You might chose to use this Zoom background (below) for the general meeting, or in your own school, work and life gatherings at any time.

Remember too that you are welcome to attend today’s Keynote Session 3 with Rev Cameron Trimble (3:15pm PT / 4:15pm MT. Click here), and tomorrow’s Celebration of Ministry & Worship (10am PT / 11am MT. Click here)

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