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A public online database of the region’s Communities of Faith and Ministries is coming soon! Also coming soon is a link you can use to let the office know if you want your own contact details added to the searchable database.

In the meantime, you can use the Regional Council PDF Directories below to find contact information for ministers and communities of faith.


Regional Council PDF Directories

Each fall the Pacific Mountain Regional Council office publishes a Directory of the people and places providing ministry within our Pacific Mountain Regional Council, in the categories outlined below.

This page will be updated quarterly. Until the next update, the Directory section titles will reflect the former Conference language.

Regional Staff Updated Web Page
Ministry & Personnel (White Pages) Updated June 2019
Pastoral Charges in Alphabetical Order (Green Pages) Updated June 2019
Pastoral Charges by Location (Blue Pages) Updated June 2019
Regional Council Executive, Councils & Other Contacts (Grey Pages) Currently being updated.
Sexual Abuse Policy & Consultants (Orange Pages) Updated July 2019
Specialized Ministries & Related Organizations (Pink Pages) Updated July 2019
Retired Ministers(Gold Pages) Updated October 2019

Directory Privacy

Provincial and federal legislation has highlighted the need for society to safeguard the privacy and personal information of its members. Modern technology and increasingly easy access to information have resulted in numerous abuses, some of which can result in serious harm.

The Pacific Mountain Regional Council (PMRC) is committed to reducing any potential harm to its members by safeguarding how personal information is gathered, stored and distributed.

At the same time, PMRC is also committed to ensuring its members can communicate quickly and easily with one another for work and fellowship.

This Directory honours both of these commitments. It attempts to be as comprehensive as possible so the breadth of the United Church in BC can recognize itself as one body united in Christ. At the same time, it contains little or no personal information as defined by the legislation.

In order to further safeguard our members, PMRC asks all the recipients of the Directory to honour the following restrictions:

Please do not copy or further distribute this Directory. Requests for copies, including an electronic file for a PDA, should be made to the Regional Council office.

Please do not use the information contained in the Directory for any purpose other than the work and fellowship of the church. It should not be used for personal, commercial, political or any other non-church purpose.

Finally, if you feel the information contained in this Directory is “personal” and you do not want it printed in future editions, please contact the Regional Council office; it will be removed. Our goal is to provide a helpful resource for the church, but not at the expense of increasing risk for anyone.

For more information visit the website:

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