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Community Connections is our region's weekly e-newsletter, full of crowd-sourced submissions! It's part of Pacific Mountain Regional Council's communication ministry.

Your United Church News, shared with other UCC people

Community Connection's purpose is to uplift the life and ministry of Pacific Mountain region's communities of faith and and ministries, to other United Church communities and people!

Submissions to Community Connections are made online, compiled by regional council staff, and then emailed to those who request it.

With Community Connections e-newsletter, our region offers a free, unique, and focused platform for United Church events and announcements that may not otherwise be shared to United Church people and communities. Submissions are warmly welcome!

Community Connections Terms of Reference

Community Connections shares posts that are submitted by United Church communities of faith, ministries, and individuals within the Pacific Mountain regional council.  Generally, we do not include announcements from other organizations.

  • Community Connections is delivered by email (only) to those who have self-selected to receive news and announcements from Pacific Mountain Regional Council (newsletter sign up here)
  • Community Connections is usually emailed on Wednesdays, at 1pm, when the regional council office is open.
  • PMR staff retain the right to alter the delivery date and time.
  • Submission deadline is weekly, Tuesday at 12pm Pacific / 1pm Mountain, and when the Pacific Mountain Regional Council Office is open.
  • Post Duration:
    • Posts are included for 2 weeks.
    • After 2 weeks' pause, you may make a new submission for repeat posts.
  • PMR staff retain the right to edit all submissions for brevity and clarity, to remove, and not include submissions.

Need more information?

Please email Reception:

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