Pacific Mountain United Church Women (UCW)

Celebrating 60 years of Fellowship and Service!

The United Church Women (UCW) is an organization within the United Church of Canada. We welcome all women in our church, and this year, 2022, United Church Women across Canada are celebrating our organization's 60th Anniversary!

Regional and National Connections

On this page you will find UCW activities, news and information from both the Pacific Mountain UCW and the National UCW. Enjoy learning about the life and work of UCW! If you need further information on any topic, you are welcome to contact our President or Secretary. This page should be helpful and easy to use. Please share its existence with women in your congregation. Churches do not need to have a UCW 'group' to share this information. Many women stay connected to UCW news for community and fellowship. All are welcome!

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To unite women of the Community of Faith for the total mission of the church and to provide a means through which we may express our loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian witness, study, fellowship, and service.


As women of faith,
We believe in nurturing Christian spirituality
by reaching out
through commitment and devotion
to all God’s people
in the promotion of truth, justice, peace,
caring, and respect
for all throughout the earth, God’s world;
We believe in honouring God the Creator,
and loving others through generous giving
and joyful living;
And we believe in affirming and
strengthening ourselves
both individually and together
through creative study, prayer, and action.


Love God
Foster Christian commitment, faithfulness, and spirituality.
Promote respect and love for all God’s creation.

The Life and Work of UCW

United Church Women Links

UCW Handbook

Download the UCW Handbook here. It should be noted that with a few exceptions the UCW Handbook is to give Members guidelines and suggestions for the Unit, and not how things must be done.

Closing Prayer

And now, go with us, God into the days ahead.
Strengthen us for peace.
Give us wisdom, keep us humble, and may we live and work together,
And so striving, build a new and better world for tomorrow. Amen.

Pacific Mountain UCW Executive

Other Executive Members' contacts available from the President or Secretary upon request.

UCW Highlights, News, Minutes and Upcoming Events

Fraser United Church Women (UCW) Annual Gathering 2022 (in person)

By Alexandra Barr

CONTINUING IN HOPE Highlights from 60th Anniversary in Sydney, Cape Breton Worship, Singing, Communion, Fellowship AGM Business Meeting At Peninsula United Church, 2756  127 Street, …

Fraser United Church Women (UCW) Annual Gathering 2022 (in person) Read More »

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Minutes of the April 30, 2022 Pacific Mountain UCW Annual General Meeting

By Tressa

Click here for the Word Doc of the Draft Minutes of the Pacific Mountain UCW AGM. Note: The Minutes will be approved at the 2023 …

Minutes of the April 30, 2022 Pacific Mountain UCW Annual General Meeting Read More »

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The Pacific Mountain United Church Women Banner

By Tressa

The Pacific Mountain United Church Women Banner was created by Chub Gosse, June Pratt and Beth Henderson of Peninsula United, Surrey, BC. The Tree of …

The Pacific Mountain United Church Women Banner Read More »

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March 2022 Newsletter from Clare Walker

By Tressa

Please enjoy this March 2022 Newsletter from President Clare Walker Click to Download the Word Document.

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“Poverty Dolls”

By Tressa

In 2018 the United Church Women in the PMRC created “Poverty Dolls” to be presented to the Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia …

“Poverty Dolls” Read More »

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Rebecca Marie Irwin

By Tressa

Rebecca Marie Irwin (nee Sauerwein) was born in Edinburg, Illinois June 23, 1915, the eldest of five children. She attended Wheaton College where she trained …

Rebecca Marie Irwin Read More »

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