Fourth Quarter People

Fourth Quarter People

There is growing energy for ways that United Church people - whether ministry personnel, or not - can find, offer and express faithful passion or purpose in the church, once living the 'fourth quarter' of their life.

This page is one place where Fourth Quarter people in the Pacific Mountain region can find information posted, to be booked-marked and shared.

As this is an emerging area of action in our region, you may be interested in some of the related links below.

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"Generative Aging: Let Go and Begin Anew, A Congregational Study Resource for Older Adults". By Rev. Don Robertson.
Letter-size Flyer for Generative Aging by Rev. Don Robertson. Please Print and Post in Your Church.

Generative Aging - A New Congregational Study Guide, for Older Adults

In the forward to his new book, Generative Aging: Let Go and Begin Anew, A Congregational Study Resource for Older Adults, Rev. Don Robertson writes,

“… it is life in the elder years that generates deepened meaning and fresh purpose.”

In this much-anticipated publication, Don has written a resource that invites older adults to experience aging as a liminal, creative, spiritual, and generative time.

Often agism regards older adults as past the creative capacity for contributing to the community and indeed the world. The truth is, as adults near and enter into retirement there is often a sense of just getting started with the next chapter of living fully.

As a resource tool, individuals or groups can equally engage Generative Aging and all who do will consider anew how the purpose of The United Church of Canada -- Deep Spirituality, Bold Discipleship, Daring Justice -- is lived out in the ‘fourth quarter’ of our lives.

Generative Aging will be a rich resource for all congregations and their leadership.

- Rev. Debra Bowman, September 2023

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