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Children and Family Coordinator
(Temporary Appointment)


  • This is a temporary appointment beginning as soon as possible in January, 2023 and ending on August 31st, 2023. The congregation is currently completing a Visioning process, which is why both Coordinator jobs are temporary positions at this time.
  • An hourly salary to be negotiated based on experience, with benefits

Position Summary. The Coordinator will work collaboratively with the Coordinating Minister and the Youth and Family Coordinator, whose terms of employment are the same and who is responsible for the planning and implementation of programmes for youth and families. In conjunction with the Children, Youth and Family Committee, the Coordinator will work to plan and implement an effective and inspiring ministry program with children and families at Pacific Spirit United Church as outlined in the Strategic Ministry plan.

We value the energy and wisdom of children and youth and seek opportunities for intergenera-tional faith experiences. The Children and Family Coordinator will be supported by volunteers of all ages including the CYF committee. Currently, this ministry includes Godly Play, a Junior Youth group and an array of community-building events. We look forward to hearing your ideas for this ministry.

This position requires availability on Sunday mornings, along with Wednesday and Thursday afternoon/evenings. Special events may require flexible work times to accommodate.


  • Collaborate productively with other members of the ministry team to live out the Pacific Spirit United Church Commitment and Strategic Ministry Plan.
  • Work faithfully with the ministerial team, staff, Council, Committees, and the congregation as a whole to demonstrate deep care for the spiritual nurture of the community, especially children and their families.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Under the guidance, direction and supervision of the Coordinating Minister, plan, implement, promote and provide ongoing management for a comprehensive, effective and inspired ministry program with children and families.
    This will include but is not limited to:
    • Faith formation and community building opportunities for children which support and nurture the development of each child and provide a sense of belonging in the Pacific Spirit Community
    • Seasonal events and activities that coincide with worship, community celebrations, outreach projects and other initiatives
    • The direction and implementation of specific programs for children and/or families as Pacific Spirit United Church may decide.
  • Participate in the preparation of an annual budget proposal for CYF programs, in con-sultation with the Coordinating Minister , The Youth and Family Coordinator and the Children, Youth and Families Committee,
  • Supervise contract staff related to the Nursery, Junior Youth Group and other chil-dren’s programs, including oversight and on-going feedback. Provide input to the pro-cess of annual evaluations which are conducted by the Children Youth and Families Committee in consultation with the Coordinating Minister and the Ministry and Person-nel Committee.
  • Participate in direct leadership with children and families, including collaborative plan-ning with staff and volunteers.
  • Provide emotional support for children and families as needed, under the guidance of the ministry team.
  • In consultation with the Ministry and Personnel Committee and the Youth and Fami-lies Coordinator, plan, implement and manage Duty of Care requirements to ensure the safety of all children, youth and leaders, including Criminal Records Checks, Food Safe requirements, reference checks and personal vetting of all CYF staff and volunteers who work with children on an on-going basis.
  • Participate in worship as requested by the Coordinating Minister.

Meetings and Reporting

  • Attend and participate in meetings of the Children, Youth and Families Committee
  • Attend and participate in meetings of the ministry team and meetings of staff asrequested by the Coordinating Minister.
  • Write monthly reports to the Coordinating Minister in advance of Council meetings.


  • Strive to be generally accessible to the congregation, the Council Committees with which the Children Youth and Families Coordinators work, the other members of the ministry team and the Office Administrator during expected working hours.
  • Strive to maintain a visible presence around established office times and make every effort to post or otherwise share with the church administration normal availability for short consultations and meetings as needed.

Wider Church:

  • In consultation with the ministry team, participate in activities and projects to strengthen the presence of Pacific Spirit United Church in the community.

Reporting Relationships:

  • Reports to the Coordinating Minister
  • Works with the Coordinating Minister and in consultation with other staff members including Congregational Life Development Minister, the Director of Music and the Youth and Families Coordinator as required.
  • The Children and Family Coordinator supervises Nursery contract positions, Junior Youth Group contract positions and any other contract positions related to children and families

This includes on-going oversight, feedback and providing input to the annual evaluations conducted by the Children, Youth and Families Committee in consultation with the Co-ordinating Minister and the Ministry and Personnel Committee.

  • Along with the Youth and Family Coordinator, the Children and Family Coordinator is an assigned staff member of the CYF Committee

Accountability and Review:

  • Reports and is accountable to the Coordinating Minister and is also accountable to the Council through the Ministry and Personnel Committee.
  • In consultation with the Coordinating Minister, the Ministry and Personnel Committee conducts an annual performance review of the Youth and Families Coordinator, based on their work in relation to the Commitment Statement, the Strategic Ministry Plan (including benchmarks) and their position description.

Approximate Division of Time – 15 hours per week

  • Under the supervision of the Coordinating Minister, be responsible for program planning, development, implementation and promotion. This includes Sunday morning children’s programs, Pneuma choir and worship on Wednesdays, Junior youth group on Thursdays, and Congregational events – 9 hours

    Presence in Congregational Life – 1 hour

  • Administration – Emails, phone calls, support staff management, staff meetings, meet-ings with Coordinating Minister – 5 hours


  • Familiar with and in agreement with the United Church of Canada ethos, practice and theology
  • Experience in a medium to large Christian education program
  • Experience working with children and youth


  • Strong interpersonal skills with children and their families
  • Discerning of Spirit
  • Visionary and creative, with the ability to see initiatives through to successful implementation
  • Collaborative team-player
  • Lifelong learner and teacher
  • Familiar with, and able to teach, a variety of church school curricula
  • Effective communication skills including public speaking, group facilitation, teaching, and listening
  • Adaptive to change and responsive to in-the-moment adjustments
  • Ability to adhere to a yearly budget.

Please direct applications to:

Michelle Henry, Office Administrator


or Pacific Spirit United Church

2195 West 45th Avenue

Vancouver, BC V6M 2J2

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