Video Message of Care and Community ~ Rescinded: Temporary Easter Worship Variance

Treena Duncan shares a video message of care, support and information about today's rescinding of the Easter in-person gathering variance. The Pacific Mountain Regional Council office will now be closed until April 19th, in support of the increased physical distancing restrictions announced today (March 29, 2021). Read More

Temporary One Time Variance for In-Person Easter Worship & Outdoor Variance Guidelines and Information

25 March 2021 Friends, As anticipated, Dr Henry has released some new regulations regarding worship. It is clear that the numbers are still climbing and that public gatherings are still a risk. I encourage you, as always to carefully consider the decisions and their impact on the most vulnerable among you. Please note that you must follow all of the guidelines in the health order. Please refer to the PDF documents for detailed information from the Province of BC, and Read More

Re-Affirmation: The United Church of Canada Supports COVID-19 Related Public Health Orders

  January 29, 2021 As Epiphany turns to Lent, and we continue in pandemic wilderness walking, we acknowledge the grief and loss of fellowship that we are experiencing. As the United Church of Canada in the Pacific Mountain Regional Council, we affirm – again – that we are committed to following the health and safety […] Read More

From Treena Duncan: Reflections on meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canadian faith leaders

One of the great gifts of the pandemic for me has been to witness the resilience and vitality of our leaders and our communities of faith. Another important gift has been the revelation that the government still sees the church as important in our society. This is the invitation extended to myself, and details of […] Read More

From President Blair Odney and Executive Minister Treena Duncan

Statement in Support of Public Health Orders November 30, 2020 The Pacific Mountain Regional Council of The United Church of Canada remains supportive of the British Columbia Public Health directives currently disallowing in-person worship. Many of our members are in vulnerable categories, and even one person contracting the virus at church is one too many. […] Read More

Blue Christmas

Beloved, We’re hearing news of Blue Christmas worship services being offered around the regional council, and from the national United Church of Canada moderator. In a year so full of challenges, in a season that is about Light, yet feels so dark, we’d like to highlight Blue Christmas services here, to help you and others […] Read More

Release: Nov 23, 2020

The Pacific Mountain Regional Council of The United Church of Canada remains supportive of the British Columbia Public Health directives currently disallowing in-person worship. Many of our members are in vulnerable categories, and even one person contracting the virus at church is one too many. Thankfully, we have had no reported cases of COVID-19 stemming […] Read More

Restrictions for Faith-based Organizations, Nov 19

Friends, Some of us have been gathering over the past few weeks with Matt Miofsky and reflecting together on leadership, change and the wilderness. It is clear that many of us find these COVID times to be a wilderness time, but Matt reminds us that “Wherever you are, just know that you aren’t alone. We […] Read More

Updated COVID Response recommendations

Friends, I’m sure that you have all been following the Coronavirus numbers over the past few weeks, and they have definitely not been going in the right direction. Today, November 7, Dr Bonnie Henry has issued a new health order banning all gatherings for Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health effective tonight. While worship gatherings […] Read More

Worship with the General Meeting

All are warmly welcome to attend the Opening Worship & Celebration of Ministry and the GM’s Optional Sunday Worship. Both will be on the PMRC YouTube General Meeting Playlist (click). Friday October 16, 2020 General Meeting Opening Worship & Celebration of Ministry, Live Stream, 1pm: click here. Optional Sunday Worship, at any time you like on […] Read More

Gov’t Subsides

Jane Harding, the Regional Council’s Givings Officer, has updated and information to support communities of faith with government subsidies, stewardship and mission: Re Government Subsidies Dear Colleagues The landscape keeps shifting. Announcements yesterday expand several programs our congregations have been applying for. In some cases, congregations will now be eligible when they weren’t before. The […] Read More

General Meeting of the PMRC Oct 16 and 17, 2020

Please add October 16-18, 2020 into your calendars for the Pacific Mountain Regional Council General Meeting. COVID-19 made nothing business as usual! This will be an online, virtual gathering of worship, community, business and celebrating the life and work of our denomination and regional council. General Meeting details will be posted to our website closer to the date, and the information will be sent out through the PMRC newsletter. Read More

Expectations, Discernment and Guidelines from the PMRC Executive Minister, in reopening United Church communities of faith buildings and ministries

As the information from the BC Ministry of Health and WorksafeBC continue to evolve regarding guidelines and best practices during COVID-19, the PMRC leadership will provide updates. Click to read the latest updated July 2020. Read More

Re-Opening Information for Thrift Shops in the PMRC

This document offers information from Regional Ministers, to support PMRC-located Thrift Shops as they consider why and how they might re-open. Updated July 2020 Read More

The 2020-2021 Prayer Cycle for the Pacific Mountain Regional Council

This document empowers us to faithfully pray for the ministries, communities of faith, leadership and community members across the Pacific Mountain Regional Council and the wider church. The 2020-2021 Prayer Cycle (PDF) document is available for download here. Please share it with your people. Read More

Written Worship for Easter Sunday April 12, 2020 ~ BC Native Ministries and PMRC

Good day, Everyone I hope that you are well, taking care yourself and your loved ones. Here you'll find the Easter Sunday Reflection for you to read, share and make your own. As I type this note to you I look out the window and I see an eagle soaring in the sky, a reminder of the great world God has created for us all. A reminder that the dance of life still lives, and I am humbled. Happy Easter my relations! May the hope of a new day always live in your heart and is shared with all of creation. Unify in spirit and prayer. You are loved. Read More

Online, Together

A quick note to let you know that we've resumed a weekly e-newsletter aiming to connected United Church people with online offerings happening in our Pacific Mountain Regional Council Communities of Faith & Ministries. This is a temporary version of the Event Listings newsletter that many of selected to received from the PMRC Office. You can read today's edition of Online, Together here - including submission guidelines (please read before sending submissions to Reception).  Read More

New PAR option, by fax, and other encouraging information from Jane

Hi All,  Please share as you see fit, with your leaders and communities of faith.  This is an addition to the Generosity in Unprecedented Times letter we posted here on March 31st. New PAR option available to forward the forms and void cheque to fax number 416-232-6003 Only 2 weeks left to apply for Seeds of Hope Grants Mission & Service is making a difference through the COVID-19 Pandemic – see here Information about employment for ministers, lay leaders and M&P leaders here Imagine Canada update on how COVID-19 is affecting Charities (churches included) – excellent updates/information for Not for profits Some highlights from the letter are: Read More

Written Worship for Good Friday April 10, 2020 ~ BC Native Ministries and PMRC

Hello Everyone, I pray that everyone, your families and communities are well and calm.  Here is the written worship that I've created for you, for this Good Friday. Here also is a prayer for during the COVID-19 pandemic, provided by Rev. Barry Morris- thank you for this message Barry. Please take the time to read and reflect and send it to those that need to hear the message of Good Friday. The write up is long but meaningful.  It includes the Passion story as told by John, with prayers through the story to give support and spiritual reflection to the time of Good Friday. And prayer is a humble gift that is always needed, is always free, is always heard by our Creator. This Good Friday, reflect with the Passion story of Christ Jesus, and share with those around you the gift of prayer. And always remember Jesus’ last commandment to us, love one another. Read More

Written Worship for Palm Sunday April 5, 2020 ~ BC Native Ministries and PMRC

As we come to these last weeks to Easter Sunday we look forward to new ways of reflection and worship and prayer.  I have created a written form of worship for you to utilize at your convenience for this coming Palm Sunday April 5, 2020.  This is for you to use, share and celebrate and reflect with as we come closer to Easter Sunday.  Next week I will create and send you more reflection for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  And please send to those that need the support during our time of isolation and solitude.  Create hope in each other’s lives. And may God bless you, your family, community and livelihood during this season of Lent and Easter. Read More

From the April 1st Online Townhall Conference – power point resource

Dear friends, Treena and Jay, Executive Minister and President of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council, hosted an online Townhall Conference earlier today, with guest Erik Mathiesen. Erik is the Chief Finances Officer for The United Church of Canada. This is the Power Point slide show used in the meeting: Congregational Finances during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Read More

Generosity in Unprecedented Times

This letter comes from the Philanthropy Unit of The United Church of Canada - shared to us in the Pacific Mountain Regional Council by Jane Harding.  As communities of faith, we find ourselves unable to gather in person due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These days, when we aren’t able to meet physically, are challenging but also heartening as our church has come together to help each other offer new ways of worshiping and reaching out to those in need. Our ministry continues; especially online. So in these unprecedented times, to help make giving accessible and easy - here are some practical, recommended, tools you can use to invite an ongoing commitment to God through the continued support of important ministries in your community of faith and the ministry we do together, through Mission & Service: Read More

Finances in Communities of Faith During COVID-19 – Some Step-by- Step Process Tips

In the midst of the COVID-19 odyssey on which we have all embarked, Pacific Mountain Regional Council wants to work with your community of faith to keep ministry vital and active. We want to continue to be there for one another, to remain connected to our participants and our communities. We want to minimize loss and distress to our congregational staff and ensure that ministry can unfold without placing our congregational finances under undue strain.  In order to help out, Chinook Winds Regional Council leaders (and have given us permission to share with PMRC) have put together the following step-by-step approach to think through your situation.  Read More

Resources for Faithfully supporting children, youth and families in your congregations at this time

The Pacific Mountain Regional Council's First Third Ministry Team is responding to  the needs of clergy, youth group leaders, Sunday school leaders, and youth and families that are emerging during this time of  building closures and physcial distancing in our efforts to flatten the curve of COVID-19. Our staff have created a public landing page of resources for those working with our younger Siblings in Christ here: Amen! Read More

Supporting one another in times of traumatic events

The moment when a crisis becomes “real” may be different for each one of us. During our current pandemic that might have happened in a grocery store aisle with empty shelves, or in a sudden realization that a loved one is out of the country, or when picking up a message telling you not to come to work. As time passes with no relief, anxiety builds and our fears increase. But there is some relief you can give yourself even as the crisis continues and there are simple ways to support others. Read More

We are part of a generous act – encouraging givings in the midst of COVID-19

We asked Jane Harding to offer some guidance for our Community of Faiths and Ministries about managing stewardship and inviting givings. Here's what she's shared: Read More

Online Engagement Sessions offered by LeaderShift

Today LeaderShift announced that registration is open for their three online courses, being offered this Spring! You can read the announcement newsletter here, and register for the sessions following the links below: Read More

Be Cautious and Stay Connected – 5 Guidelines for Communities of Faith Regarding COVID-19

The United Church of Canada’s Emergency Plan  asks that all communities of faith have a plan or guidelines in place. If your congregation has not already done so, I would suggest that your leadership put guidelines in place that suit your context. In my email on Saturday, March 7, suggested guidelines were included. Our office has continued to expand on those suggested guidelines with your input and you’ll find those guidelines HERE and below. Read More

Online Worship Directory

Below are links to churches and ministries that have self-submitted their online streaming presence for you to check out. If any of the links do not work, please contact the Community of Faith directly (not the PMRC Office or staff). Read More