Called to the Pacific Mountain Regional Council

Join us in Welcoming new Ministry Personnel to the PM Regional Council

From Other Regional Councils

Rev. Sue Breisch, Communities in Faith PC, from Living Skies Regional Council

Rev. Nam Ok Yoo, Willingdon Heights PC, from Northern Spirit Regional Council

Rev. Elise Feltrin, Chemainus/Crofton PC, from Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council


From within the PMRC

Rev. David Cooke, Mt. Paul/Plura Hills PC

Rev. Robin Murray, Castlegar-Kinnaird PC

Rev. Blair Odney, Queens Ave UC

Rev. Greg Powell, Westshore Church Plant

Rev. Debra Bowman, Lynn Valley UC

Rev. Gayle Chouinard, Texada Is. PC

Frances Kitson, Westbank UC


If you wish to contact these ministers to offer words of welcome please contact Brenda Wolff at

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