Written Worship for Good Friday April 10, 2020 ~ BC Native Ministries and PMRC

Hello Everyone,

I pray that everyone, your families and communities are well and calm.  Here is the written worship that I’ve created for you, for this Good Friday. Here also is a prayer for during the COVID-19 pandemic, provided by Rev. Barry Morris- thank you for this message Barry.

Please take the time to read and reflect and send it to those that need to hear the message of Good Friday. The write up is long but meaningful.  It includes the Passion story as told by John, with prayers through the story to give support and spiritual reflection to the time of Good Friday. And prayer is a humble gift that is always needed, is always free, is always heard by our Creator. This Good Friday, reflect with the Passion story of Christ Jesus, and share with those around you the gift of prayer. And always remember Jesus’ last commandment to us, love one another.

Postponed: 2020 General Meeting

Our May 2020 General Meeting of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council is postponed until the Fall; the Celebration of Ministry will still be held in the late Spring, much like the years when a general meeting is not scheduled. Updates to the General Meeting 2020 information, along with details of how and when certain pieces of work and celebration will be held, will be added to the 2020 General Meeting page on our website. Please check back there for updates, and be sure to be accurately subscribed to the PMRC newsletter list: PMRC Newsletter Sign Up

Written Worship for Palm Sunday April 5, 2020 ~ BC Native Ministries and PMRC

As we come to these last weeks to Easter Sunday we look forward to new ways of reflection and worship and prayer.  I have created a written form of worship for you to utilize at your convenience for this coming Palm Sunday April 5, 2020.  This is for you to use, share and celebrate and reflect with as we come closer to Easter Sunday.  Next week I will create and send you more reflection for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  And please send to those that need the support during our time of isolation and solitude.  Create hope in each other’s lives. And may God bless you, your family, community and livelihood during this season of Lent and Easter.

Pastoral Letter to the Pacific Mountain Regional Council

Who would have imagined even a few months ago that we would be in this situation?  No in-person meetings or gatherings, no hugging, restaurants closed, self-isolation, mad dashes for groceries, line-ups at the drug store, hospitals awaiting an onslaught of sick people and our physical separation from loved ones. And who would have imagined the extraordinary expressions of generosity and creativity!? Windows covered with the breathtaking artworks of children, neighbours leaving gifts of groceries and notes at their neighbours’ doors and they may not even know their neighbours well! Phone calls just to check in, thousands of people at the same time everyday standing on city balconies clapping in gratitude for our first responders and medical personnel. Communities of Faith kindly reaching across boundaries to support one another with resources. Oh yes, and meeting after meeting after meeting via video-conference …

Generosity in Unprecedented Times

This letter comes from the Philanthropy Unit of The United Church of Canada – shared to us in the Pacific Mountain Regional Council by Jane Harding.  As communities of faith, we find ourselves unable to gather in person due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These days, when we aren’t able to meet physically, are challenging but also heartening as our church has come together to help each other offer new ways of worshiping and reaching out to those in need. Our ministry continues; especially online. So in these unprecedented times, to help make giving accessible and easy – here are some practical, recommended, tools you can use to invite an ongoing commitment to God through the continued support of important ministries in your community of faith and the ministry we do together, through Mission & Service:

National Prayer for Canada in the Wake of COVID-19

This beautiful message came to the PMRC leadership, forwarded to us by leadership in the Jewish, Anglican and Indigenous communities that we have relationship with. We give so many thanks for the unifying power of compassion and grace that are holding us right now, and hope that you’ll make time for prayer, together – across Canada, tomorrow March 31st at 12:00 PDT/ (3:00PM EDT). The letter of invitation is below, and the prayer follows.

Finances in Communities of Faith During COVID-19 – Some Step-by- Step Process Tips

In the midst of the COVID-19 odyssey on which we have all embarked, Pacific Mountain Regional Council wants to work with your community of faith to keep ministry vital and active. We want to continue to be there for one another, to remain connected to our participants and our communities. We want to minimize loss and distress to our congregational staff and ensure that ministry can unfold without placing our congregational finances under undue strain. 

In order to help out, Chinook Winds Regional Council leaders (and have given us permission to share with PMRC) have put together the following step-by-step approach to think through your situation. 

A Pastoral Letter to the Members of the Pacific Mountain Region                                              

As we learn to live with the circumstances created by COVID-19, the Regional Executive and Staff are searching for ways to relieve the profound stresses on Communities of Faith and leaders. I am awed by you all and how you are exercising meaningful and safe ways of staying connected through online and printed worship resources as well as phone calls to those who feel loved and cared for in hearing a kind voice.  Someone said to me today, “I’m loving the phone calls! People are being so kind.” The Regional Executive members join me in being deeply grateful to our Regional Executive Minister and all our staff for their work in continuing to support and care for us all especially in these trying days. The Executive met by video conference on Friday to discuss issues raised at the first online Townhall video conference, emergency financial support for Communities of Faith, and the 2020 General Meeting. The results are as follows:

Resources for Faithfully supporting children, youth and families in your congregations at this time

The Pacific Mountain Regional Council’s First Third Ministry Team is responding to  the needs of clergy, youth group leaders, Sunday school leaders, and youth and families that are emerging during this time of  building closures and physcial distancing in our efforts to flatten the curve of COVID-19. Our staff have created a public landing page of resources for those working with our younger Siblings in Christ here: Amen!

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