Assistant Director ~ Camp Spirit

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Job Description Excerpt

The ASSISTANT DIRECTOR will work with the DIRECTOR to plan and implement the Summer 2024 Camp Spirit program in an area of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council. They will support one of 4 Camp Spirit Teams for Summer 2024. The teams will include: 2 Travelling Teams and 2 Lower Mainland Teams (each of the Lower Mainland Teams will travel 1 or 2 weeks in the summer). The ASSISTANT DIRECTOR will work with the DIRECTOR to ensure the smooth running of Camp Spirit at each site. They are also responsible for ensuring alignment of the program with the vision and values of Camp Spirit. The ASSISTANT DIRECTOR will play a significant role in the training and support of staff. At sites where an LIT program is offered, the ASSISTANT DIRECTOR will be responsible for leading the LIT program each morning.

Camp Spirit ASSISTANT DIRECTORS will work in collaboration with the Regional Minister Camp Spirit, Camp Spirit Coordinator, Directors, Summer Administrator, Site Coordinators and Summer Staff Team.

Renumeration & Hours (Paragraph Bold)

  • The remuneration for this salaried position will be based on the applicant’s experience. This position is 40 hours per week from May 13th until August 30th, 2024.. ASSISTANT DIRECTORS will be required to offer leadership at Camp Spirit Full Team Training on the long weekend of May 17 th – 20th, 2024. Time off in lieu will be worked into the schedule.

How To Apply (Paragraph Bold)

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