Assessments 2019 – Pacific Mountain Region

Pacific Mountain Region
Assessments 2019

Communities of Faith within the Pacific Mountain Region will be receiving their assessment notices from the General Council by the end of November.
Along with the General Council assessment is a Pacific Mountain Region assessment. The Region assessment is 10% of the General Council assessment. This corresponds to under ½ % of Community of Faith income.

The Region assessment was approved in principle at the BC Conference General Meeting in June 2018. The Pacific Mountain Commission made the final decision at its meeting in early November 2018.

Communities of Faith are reminded that previous to 2019 they paid their assessments directly to Presbyteries and the Conference. Starting in 2019 a new General Council assessment was added. Monies that are returned to the Regions from the General Council in 2019 are far lower than what Regions have been working with to date; in BC the loss is several hundred thousand dollars annually.

A Region assessment allows the Region to make up some of that loss. It also ensures that the Region and the Communities of Faith have a direct financial relationship so the Communities of Faith have better control and accountability over the mission, operations and services of the Region.

Communities of Faith are also encouraged to consider together both of their methods of funding the work of the General Council: the assessments and the Mission and Service Fund. Previous to 2019 only the Mission and Service Fund funded the work of the General Council. Starting in 2019 the General Council assessment will also fund this work. Balancing the Community of Faith’s contributions to the General Council and the Region between these two funding streams is appropriate and faithful.

November 27, Webinar: Remit Implementation and the New Assessment Process

The structures of the church are changing on January 1, and with them the ways pastoral charges contribute to the financial costs of our denomination. For some pastoral charges, assessments will go down; for others they’ll be going up. This webinar is an opportunity to hear about the impact this change in policy will have on your own pastoral charge and what you need to do to administer the assessments. 7 p.m. For information and registration: United in Learning. After the webinar, the same link will connect you to a recording of the session and the presentation material. Cost = $9.99 for an individual or a group.

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