A photo from above showing people lined up at church kitchen serving counter. There is a large koi fish painting on the wall above the counter, and beside it a menu of many Japanese food offerings and prices. There is a digital camera date stamp in the lower right corner that reads 4 8 '95

Asian Heritage Month ~ Cherry Blossom Bazaar

For our second installment, the Regional Archives brings us to the annual Cherry Blossom Bazaar — a decades-old tradition of the Vancouver Japanese United Church. Lots of baking, maki and inari sushi, dry goods, and decorative cherry blossoms filled the church hall every April. Many from the neighbourhood took part in the fun, as did folks from United Church congregations farther afield.

Jean Kamimura remembers the Miyashita family supervising the men in making fresh udon noodles—“Such a large batch,” notes Jean, “that volunteer menfolk stomped the dough with their stocking feet… Oops, the dough was in a plastic bag!”

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