Marine Missions on the Central Coast of British Columbia


This photo display is an attempt to make accessible the poster collection of Leone Taylor, and is not intended as a definitive history of the Marine Missions.

Mrs. Leone Taylor was born in Moosomin, Saskatchewan on November 12, 1928. Her Father, T.J. Carlyle Reid, was a farmer with property south of town on which his family had worked since settling in the area in 1905. Leone was educated as a nurse, graduating from the Regina General Hospital School of nursing in 1950. After marrying and raising a family , Leone returned to nursing, receiving a diploma in Public Health from the University of Saskatchewan and commenced to work 14 years in Public Health. In 1972 she was asked to be the clinical instructor for Nursing students at the hospital in Yellowknife, N.W.T., a position in which she was responsible for developing a program tailored to a variety of groups, including, Inuit, Dene, and Caucasian students. A succession of honors were to come Leone's way, including being elected founding president of the N.W.T. Registered Nursing Association, having her Association accepted into the Canadian Nurses Association, in Halifax in 1976, and earning her B.Sc. in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan.

In 1979 Leone was to make the decision to serve the church, and, after a short stint in Yellowknife, she moved to the remote village of Port Simpson to work at the medical clinic. Leone spent over two years at Port Simpson, and her time in the village left her with "wonderful memories." In 1982 Leone was invited to join the crew of the mission boat Thomas Crosby V. She agreed to make one trip in order to decide whether the maritime lifestyle was for her, and wound up staying on board for six years! During this time she was to meet Rev. Gordon Taylor, who had joined the Thomas Crosby as a missionary. The couple were married November 9, 1985. At the end of 1989 the couple moved to Vancouver where Gordon was to serve his last pastoral charge. Leone remained active, working for the church in a variety of ways, including teaching Sunday school, serving as president of the United Church Women unit , and acting as coordinator for the World Day of Prayer.

This exhibit provides access to the many photographs and sketches in the collection of Leone Taylor. The photographs and sketches had been mounted on cardboard posters for use as educational tools, and had come under the care of The United Church of Canada British Columbia Conference Archives, in 1998. The majority of the photographs available appear on this site, along with any of Leone's text, which appears in italicized form.

Most of the photographs may be enlarged by clicking on them. The entirety of the collected posters resides at The United Church of Canada British Columbia Conference Archives at the University of British Columbia. The original posters were created in 1984 with the help of a variety of people who lived in the small towns and villages depicted, although the bulk of the work was done by Leone Taylor.

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