Accepting Nominations for President-Elect and Regional Executive

Elections at GM 2023

Please share this information to your networks, and encouraging discernment and leadership with those you know, and come to know, in the regional council.

Nomination Form Links

President-Elect Nomination Form

Regional Council Executive Nomination Form

Roles to fill

President-Elect (1 role)

  • The role of the President-Elect is primarily to learn by participating in Regional Council Executive meetings for one-year and prepare for a two-year term as President of the Region.
  • The President acts as Servant-Leader providing spiritual and pastoral leadership, ensuring the integrity of the Regional Council Executive’s processes, and representing the Region to other partners and outside parties. The President also serves as chair of the Regional Council Executive meetings and the Regional Council Meetings during their term.
  • The President makes decisions that fall within the topics covered by the RCE policies on Governance Process and Regional Council Executive-Staff Relationships; the President does not supervise or direct the Executive Minister or vice versa.

Regional Executive Council (4 roles)

  • Members of the Regional Council Executive collectively represent the ownership in determining, monitoring and ensuring appropriate organizational performance.
  • The Executive produces written governing policies that address (at the broadest level) Ends, Executive-Staff Relationship, Executive Minister Limitations and Governance Process. The RCE is accountable to the ownership, reporting to the General Meeting and regularly informing communities of faith of its work. For more information see the PMRC Governance Policies 4.1 – 4.14.
  • There are 4 vacancies, and from an Equity and Anti-Discrimination lens, we are currently seeking 2 members under 30, and 3 members who are laity, and male-identified. Others may submit their expression, all of which will be considered in a prayerful manner to create a well-rounded executive with the best makeup for success.

We encourage all people to apply

All who are called to are encouraged to apply, including those who are Indigenous, Black, a person of colour, non-binary/gender non-conforming or racialized, Youth and Young Adult.

Additional Information

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