Mission and Vision

The mission of the Pacific Mountain Region Executive is:

  • healthy communities of faith and ministries;
  • effective leadership;
  • faithful public witness.

The vision of Pacific Mountain Region Executive regarding “Healthy Congregations and Ministries” is:

Mission that:

  • is clear and articulated
  • is rooted in United Church of Canada heritage;
  • is part of the global body of Christ

Worship and Spirituality that:

  • is rooted in scripture, tradition, and our lived experience;
  • builds up the body of Christ;
  • is inspired and inspiring;
  • nurtures personal and corporate spiritual growth

Leadership that:

  • is gifted and led by the Spirit
  • is fittingly trained and equipped;
  • has a clear, shared mission and vision;
  • is empowered by and empowering of the congregation
  • is able to recognize and respond to conflict

Evangelism that:

  • is grounded in the gospel story, appropriated in a deep, life-giving faith
  • is shared and spoken with the spirit of enthusiasm and love
  • is the outpouring of a joyful life

Fellowship that:

  • deepens relationships as brothers and sisters in Christ
  • is deeply joyful even when sharing sorrow
  • is caring, safe and respectful
  • reconciles conflict and hurts
  • is welcoming of all ages and cultures

Discipleship that:

  • calls every person into the faithful service of Jesus;
  • honours and builds up the individual gifts of all;
  • is grounded in the Christian story and responsive to the world
  • calls out sacrificial giving:
    • money
    • time
    • talents

Outreach and Service that:

  • embodies the love and communion of Christ both locally and globally
  • responds sacrificially to the needs of the world from a sense of gratitude
  • initiates action in a timely manner

Organizational Structures that:

  • embody the vision, purpose and goals of the congregation
  • are accessible to all
    •  transparent decision-making
    •  transparent communication
  • are functional and efficient
    • recognize and respond well to conflict

The vision of Pacific Mountain Region Executive regarding “Effective Leadership” is:

The church longs for leadership that passionately proclaims the gospel and so we seek:

  • leadership that it is rooted in the biblical narrative;
  • leadership that is being transformed / converted by the good news;
  • leadership that is in service to Jesus Christ;
  • leadership that dares to risk speaking the truth in love;
  • leadership whose way of life bears witness to their faith;
  • leadership with evident spiritual gifts (teaching/preaching/healing)
  • leadership that is called and set apart
  • leadership with knowledge and understanding of United Church polity.

This kind of leadership:

  • leads people into life within the biblical story;
  • leads the community in its covenanted relationship with God;
  • leads by building up the community, Body of Christ, Church, and the people of God;
  • leads in ways appropriate to the cultural context.

The vision of Pacific Mountain Region Executive regarding “Faithful Public Witness” is:


    • witness that is:
      • practiced by congregations, ministries, region, leaders and members
      • grounded in the scriptural and theological basis of public witness and action;
      • grounded in prayer and spiritual disciplines;
      • empowered and able to act;
      • well-informed about the major social and cultural issues facing the church and world.

  • Regional and coalition-based educational and advocacy initiatives in the areas of:
    • right relationships with First Nations brothers and sisters, including just treaty negotiations
    • and residential school resolution;
    • provincial government policies;
    • racial justice;
    • HIV/AIDS.

As we work toward this vision of Faithful Public Witness, we shall:

  1. act with integrity
    • ensuring our faith and actions are congruent
  2. respect diversity
    • consulting with others, honoring the views of others
  3. collaborate with others in the church and community
    • in particular, in the UCC and among coalition groups
  4. be pro-active
    • initiating action and willing to take risks
  5. be prophetic
    • offering challenge to injustice, comfort to the afflicted.