Rev Keith Simmonds

The resolution passed at the General Meeting

Dear Members and Friends of Pacific Mountain Regional Council,

I hope this finds you well and flourishing in these days after our general meeting and the moments that made lovely memories.

I write with an update on the resolution you passed at the general meeting, concerning the regional council’s participating in a petition to the Government of Canada, concerning the potential human rights abuses of Palestinian children. The petition reads:

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to ensure the human rights of Palestinian children are protected by instructing a Special Envoy to promote, monitor and report on the human rights situation of Palestinian children living in the occupied Palestinian Territory and Gaza.

I have signed this petition on behalf of the regional council. But as I did that, using my President’s email address, I realized that my name will be but one of many. If this petition is to have even more regional council endorsement, I invite you all to sign as well. You will find the link to the petition at the bottom of this letter.

The resolution you passed at the general meeting also called on the Regional Council executive and staff to do what it could do the raise awareness on the issue. To that end, we direct your attention to the PalNet Pacific video which was on display during the regional council general meeting. This will introduce the topic and provide you more information. VIDEO: Israeli Palestinian conflict explained: an animated introduction to Israel and Palestine 
Additionally, on Thursday, October 29 at 1 pm, our Executive Minister, Treena Duncan will host a special town hall with guest Rev. Keith Simmonds (shown above) who authored the resolution. I hope you’ll join this conversation; as an Ecumenical Accompanier in Palestine and Israel from January through March of this year, Keith witnessed and reported on human rights violations carried out upon Palestinian Children in Occupied Palestine.

I’m grateful for the work you all do to seek justice and resist evil as followers of this living Christ. This is part of our call to be the church.

Here is the link to e-2667 Petition to the Government of Canada:

Here is the PDF Cover Letter and Introduction to the Petition e-2667 from Rev Keith Simmonds (click to open), with contact details if you’d like more information.

And, the link for joining Thursday’s Special Information Townhall is on our Events Calendar (click).

May God richly bless your ministries.

In Christ,

Rev. S. Blair Odney
President, Pacific Mountain Regional Council

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