2020 Regional Gathering

General Meeting Travel Claim – May 7 – May 10, 2020

Pacific Mountain Region – The United Church of Canada

Travel and Expense Policy   

Goal: The goal of this travel policy is to balance the desire to ensure finances are not a barrier to participation in the General Meeting while also carefully stewarding the costs of this large event. General Meetings cost the Region approximately $200,000 for each one held. 

Members: The Members of the meeting are those who have the right to vote:

  • All order of ministry (active, retained or retired);
  • Ministry Personnel (including DLM, candidates, diaconal supply, ordained supply) who are under appointment to a community of faith;
  • Lay representatives of communities of faith elected by those communities;
  • Others appointed as Members by Regional Council.

Travel: Members travelling from a distance will be reimbursed at the lowest cost of transportation. (For instance, plane fare might be less expensive than ferries plus mileage)

 Mileage: Members of the meeting traveling by car can claim $0.40 per kilometer. The first 50 kilometers and distance travelled by ferries are not counted in total mileage. Mileage during the event cannot be claimed.

Ferry: Ferry costs for standard vehicles can only be claimed if there are two or more members in the vehicle. Vehicle reservations will not be reimbursed. Members are encouraged to carpool in order to minimize costs.

Airfare: Air travel can be reimbursed when it is more cost-effective than ferries and/or personal vehicle.  Airfare should be in economy class and members are expected to use the lowest logical airfare available. 

Meals en route: Members traveling by car over 400 kilometers each way can claim up to: $10 for breakfast; $15 for lunch; $25 for dinner (before gratuity and taxes). There is no reimbursement for alcoholic beverages.

Taxis and Rentals: Local taxis can only be claimed if three or more members share the taxi. Car rentals cannot be claimed.

Dependent Care Assistance: For members who need to pay for dependent care services in order to attend the meeting, they can claim up to $75 per day for a maximum of $300 (four days).  Receipts of making payments to third parties for care of the member’s dependents are required.  The dependent is defined as:

  1. A dependent child who is under the age of 14.
  2. A spouse or other dependent who is physically or mentally incapable of self care.

Accommodation: Accommodation during the meeting (May 7 – May 10) cannot be claimed.

Children and Youth: Children and youth (who are not members) cannot claim mileage expenses. They can claim (or have someone claim for them) expenses for meals en route.


For all travel reimbursement claims (except mileage), please include receipts with GST amount (if applicable).

Travel reimbursement, by direct deposit or in cheque, will be processed within 10 business days from the date of submission.  If you have not register for the Pacific Mountain Region’s Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), please consider signing up – it is a fast, convenient and secured way to receive your reimbursement. 

Deadline for submitting travel reimbursement claims is June 10, 2020.

If you have any questions about these policies, or if these policies result in your inability to attend the General Meeting, please contact us at: pacificmountain@united-church.ca